United Through Reading® Program

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In today’s world, technology can bridge the distance created by separation, but there are times when a military kid just needs to see and hear mom or dad. In partnership with United Through Reading (UTR), the USO helps keep deployed parents connected to their children through story time, and it’s as easy as watching a movie.

The USO hosts United Through Reading at select locations around the globe. Free to military members and their families, the program allows service members to pick a children’s book from a large collection of childhood favorites, relax in a private, comfortable area and record themselves reading the book aloud – infusing all the character voices and personalities their children love. Once finished, the USO ships a copy of the book and the UTR recording to loved ones back home.

To complete the experience, families are encouraged to send their loved one overseas a photo of their child interacting with the UTR video and book so their service member feels that connection to home.

How do you participate? Call us at 785-240-5326 or email usofortriley@uso.org.

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